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Thanks to Armor Vision MK1, digital printing becomes even more precise, reliable and efficient

Nozzle Checker is a fully automated digital printheads quality control system

Automatic detection of missing nozzles

Armor Vision MK1 4.jpg

More features

Armor Vision MK1 5.jpg

Printheads tracking by QR code

TestChart acquisition by scanner

Armor Vision MK1 2.jpg

Report for each printhead stored in a database

Dashboard for historical analysis

Armor Vision MK1 3.jpg

Nozzle TestChart creation for all kind of printheads

TestChart view on pc monitor - stop using lupe!

Tailored for you

As with a careful tailoring business, the research and development department of

Spider-jet is strongly oriented towards the study of needs and performance.

We carry out preliminary tests and structure the phases which include the data and details for each required requirement.


The design takes place carefully in order to create customized solutions for each customer and above all for each required function.

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