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A soft world

Fabric decoration for fashion, furniture, and other applications is a fast-growing industry sector driven by the growing need for customization. With its own platforms and strategic partners, Spider-jet can offer integrated solutions for fabric decoration and ennobling.

Tessuti stampati

Our solutions




Aquos gives birth to a new digital printing concept based on extreme flexibility, it is the ideal solution to integrate high productivity and quality, as well as a patented HURRICANE ® and flexible recirculation system capable of working with any type of ink.




Ocean was created to meet the most complex printing needs and overcome the limitations of traditional single-passes. Ocean features a compact structure designed using the latest generation of durable and environmentally friendly materials

Tailored for you

As with a careful tailoring business, the research and development department of

Spider-jet is strongly oriented towards the study of needs and performance.

We carry out preliminary tests and structure the phases which include the data and details for each required requirement.


The design takes place carefully in order to create customized solutions for each customer and above all for each required function.

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