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Hurricane offers a powerful and cost-effective option for integrators using industrial inkjet printing systems. It enables integrators to rapidly develop complete printing systems using multiple printheads.

Hurricane offers precise control of temperatures, flow rates, and can be fine-tuned to use a wide range of inks, including high-solids inks such as inorganic inks.

The module integrates all the functions and components necessary for its operation, allowing it to compose a module that packs powerful functionality into a small package.

The time and cost of developing a new press can be greatly reduced with the use of Hurricane.

Each ink recirculation module can support 4 printheads.

The ink recirculation modules can be placed on top of the printheads together with their control boards, allowing compact and simplified integration

We can integrate Hurricane into any existing context and production line

Technical configuration and benefit

  • On-board system control board for better and efficient integration;

  • Accurate temperature control with the ability to heat or cool the ink;

  • "Hold" function programmable in standby to reduce consumption and mechanical stress on the ink;

  • Each ink module can support up to 4 printheads*;

  • The system is scalable according to needs;

  • The ink control software runs on PCs running Windows®;

  • All the components necessary for operation are integrated on the tank;

  • All the materials that make up the system are compatible with ceramic, vitrifiable, solvent, UV and water inks;

  • For print heads that allow it, the “reverse flow” functionality can be provided **;

  • Integrated “degas” function, if necessary**;

  • Possibility of using positive and negative pressures to control the flow rate;

  • Recirculation between the main tank and the sub tank**;

  • Purge function for more efficient maintenance;

  • Built-in overflow protection.

  • Integrated pressure sensors.

  • Design specially developed to eliminate pigment deposits and reduce turbulence.

*Depends on the type of heads used.

** Optional.











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